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    about Versace

  • With baited breath, you watch the hands on your watch tick forward and wonder if you can make it to your meeting on time. With Versace watches, time-telling is both stylish and reliable. As an Italian fashion house with a knack for creating dazzling watches, Versace is a winning choice for style-conscious individuals. True to their Italian form, many of these watches feature fine leather. Not only does this make them look great, they are soft enough to rest against your wrist all day long without chafing. Some have Swiss quartz movement for a traditional watch look, as well as a small date window so you always know what day it is. If you would rather not wear leather, try a Versace ceramic watch instead. As well as being cool against the skin, ceramic is a tough material that does not break easily. If you would like to steer clear of leather and adopt a more vintage look, check out the Versace Medusa watches. With some featuring gold links reminiscent of the 1980s, these watches are both retro and classy. You can choose from a vast inventory of Versace watches on eBay and combine it with your best business attire to create the best work outfit in your office.